Savers / Lenders

Earn 10% return on your savings

With the bank base rate set at 0.5% for some time and experts predicting that the rate is unlikely to increase in the near future, savers have experienced extremely low interest rates on funds placed with the banks of circa 2.5% on one year deposits.

Here at PDF Match we offer a net rate (after fees) of 10%.

In addition we ensure that the loan is securitised with a registered mortgage over a property where the loan does not exceed 55% of the value as set out in a valuation report produced by a RICS valuer.

So how do I lend and what are the restrictions?

The minimum amount that can be lent is presently £25,000 for the term of the loan which will be for a period between 9 and 15 months.

Individuals who have self-certified as either a High Net Worth Individual or a Sophisticated Investor can lend. Self-certification and an explanation of the terms is available as part of registration.

If you satisfy the criteria and wish to register an interest then simply do so below …




How does PDF Match manage the risk?

Before supplying an indicative offer letter to a prospective borrower, PDF Match carry out the following checks:

1) Assessment of the borrower financially and professionally.

• Credit checks on the borrower;
• Review of borrower’s development experience;
• Assessment of borrower’s estimate of Gross Development Value;
• Assessment of borrower’s build cost.

2) Provided the development appears viable then an indicative offer letter is issued.
3) A RICS surveyor will produce a valuation of the property and the completed development.
4) A Quantity Surveyor will certify that the proposed build costs are accurate.
5) Solicitors will produce a Report on Title and Planning.

Provided all the professional reports substantiate our lending criteria then we will progress the loan and give prospective lenders the opportunity to participate in the loan.

What is the security for the loan?

The loan is secured by way of a first and only mortgage on the property. We will only lend a maximum of 55% of the Gross Development Value (GDV).

Is interest paid during the term of the loan?

Interest is either paid to the lender every six months or will be paid upon maturity of the loan.

Does PDF Match participate in the loan?

Yes. PDF Match participates in all loans and in all cases under the terms of a Deed of Priority we are the last to be repaid. All other lenders receive their interest and principal repayment before any funds are repaid to PDF Match.

If you wish to register an interest in becoming a lender please register below.